Autumn and winter bring us vibrant breathtaking foliage, poetic sunsets, spectacularly immaculate frosted draping and fairy tale like shimmering panoramas but also coldness and shorter daylight. As we examine how fit we are and how fit we would like to be, these two seasons seem to aliment a lot of procrastination on our part. We all have used at least one of these:
“Too cold, too dark, too early, too late, too busy, too tired, too expensive, too poor, too little space at home, the kids won’t let me, my husband prefers not to be left alone with the kids, I tried but I cannot control my eating, its no use, I like myself big anyhow, I come from a family of big people, its in my genes, no one really sees my body with all these clothes, I will start in the summer”, and the list goes on with each new excuse toping in creativity the preceding one.


  1. Everyone deserves to and can be fit, mind and body. So that means you too.
  2. Exercises can be modified to accommodate every circumstance yet remain challenging, (arthritis, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, pre/postpartum, hip/knee replacement, etc.) So, no excuse.
  3. Being healthy does not have to be an expensive proposition. This is how you do it.

First, you need to make the commitment to yourself. That is 100% free.

Second, your resolution to improve your life means courage. You will need it when you step out of your comfort zone to make changes in your life. You will need it when community, family and friends may not understand or even agree with you and you feel as an outsider. No problem, you have made the decision so you are already brave. That too is free.

Third, you need to have clear objectives such as: “ losing weight and toning”, as well as clear deadlines in months/years. Be realistic about your target dates taking into account your realities without skimping on hard work to achieve your goals. That is free.

Fourth, you need to have a plan. That means a road map to show you how to go about doing it. Start by informing yourself on how to eat a balanced diet, on the various forms of exercises that exist and their benefits. I have provided you with 3 websites. Consult them. Reading on line is free. Watching a documentary on Netflix is within your means. I suggest you watch all ten documentaries. These activities only require your time. This is just to get you started.

Last, decide how you will afford this financially since you realize now that you cannot afford not to improve or change your lifestyle. Be dauntless, cut out of your life, practices that impact negatively on your finances and your health. Reallocate time and money to good habits. Joining a gym is within your means. The kind of gym will depend on your budget. Buying healthy food is also within your means. Think: simple, organic, fresh, wholesome, diverse, and stay away from premade, precooked, refined food, conservative agents, chemicals of any sorts, high sodium, hydrogenated fat, high sugar content and GMO’s, to the extent possible. Learn to create healthy meals and snacks.

Your excellent health, will give you the quality of life you deserve. You will be rarely ill, you will have plenty of energy, you will develop a positive outlook in life, you will be successful, more productive, and you will feel and look good. You will find innerpeace and be in harmony with how the world is meant to be.,,

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