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Complete Detoxification of the body and mind is essential to achieve a perfect state of healthy equilibrium. It consists of the eradication of all toxins and the rejuvenation of all your metabolism's main functions. It is essentially a new lease on life. It is realized through juice fasting, hydrotherapy, breathing exercises, acupressure, and massage. Thirty-minutes acupressure sessions will be administered twice a week, and a one-hour localized massage session will be given twice a week. You can combine the acupressure session with the massage in one appointment. To really detoxify your system you will require about 14 days, however the client's state of health is the only accurate predictor of how long the detox should last. Ideally a complete detoxification should be done once every three to five years.



5 DAY CLEANSE - $500


This is for people who feel they need to get back on track after a long holiday. It can also be for people who are not ready for the full detoxification but who want to start slowly on their journey to optimum health.



3 DAY CLEANSE - $300


Will give your body the short but efficient rest from its many daily duties it desperately needs. You will experience a positive mental rush, more energy and feel lighter and refreshed.





 A combination of nutrition counseling, personalized diet, a cleanse or a full detoxification program, physical exercises, both aerobic and strength training are recommended. The cost will depend on what will be recommended for you in terms of services and length of the diet.

Detox Programs