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Detoxifying is the perfect reset for health throughout your mind and body.

Fitness is loving your body

Health is being in love with yourself

- Paul Robinson

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Why Awakening?

Why Pilates?

To rehabilitate your muscular asymmetries and biomechanics functions.

Why Postural Analysis?

Your map to fitness

Why Dynastretch?

To nourish your spine

Why a Personalized Diet?

You are unique and so are your needs

Why Nutritional Counseling?

Because your diet is a gateway to health

Why a Weight Loss Program?

You are at your best when you are healthy, mind and body

Why a Pantry Make-Over?

What you buy to eat makes what and who you are

Why Full Detoxification?

To reset your chronological clock and change your future.

Why Cleanses?

Remind your body to shake up the status quo.


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I have used Madie’s dynastretch services for about 2 years. I suffer from a back disc and have chronic pain in my back and neck. Madie’s sessions were the highlight of my week. She performed a targeted stretching that immediately relieved my pain and made me feel so good that I always felt like falling asleep afterwards. I highly recommend Madie’s services to anyone with a back or neck condition.
So proud of Madie, such a great instructor. And I had the privilege to train her as a Dynastretch Specialist.
As someone who has done yoga for over 20 years I was surprised to learn how wonderful and beneficial dynastretch is. Madie was professional, attentive and skilled at helping me to work through and eventually overcome the deeper tensions I had developed. I felt stronger and more aligned after each session. Am grateful for Madie’s expert hands and compassionate nature!
I’ve been doing Pilates for the past 15 years and thank God I got the chance to meet Madie here in my country she really took my back pain 100% with Dynastretch. She is the best. When I get the chance to go to Washington for sure I will visit her. Please try her exercises they’re the best. Miss you Madie.
Maria AbousleimanLebanese living in Colombia
Eduardo PrietoFitness Master Trainer
Renata Novotna

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